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sussex borough police and brighton borough police

By Paul Pikesley

hi am looking for any information on a police officer pc john turner.I know he was in the police from about 1959 and still in the police in 1967.As i got 4 medals named to him from ebay.Does any one remember him.his division number may be 226 as this number is on a box of a medal that named to him.a photo of him would be nice for me to see

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The 1967 history of Brighton Borough shows a PC 226 J D Turner in the force then. You might get more help via the Brighton Branch of the National Association of Retired Police Officers.

By Derek O (06/11/2012)

Last saw him in Seaford East Sussex .Suggest local directories starting with Telephone Direct. John was in the traffic dept for many years and communications room John Street, Brighton.

By ernie cummins (08/11/2012)

I have a list of the new warrant numbers to be used from amalgamation day, 1st January 1968, showing John's new number as AT739, so he was probably still serving on that date. We were also told to remove our collar numbers from the first day duty parade on 1st January.

By Iain Powell (07/01/2013)

thank you guys for the info on john turner mr pikesly

By paul pikesley (04/03/2013)