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Vice President


Peter James - what can we say that has not already been written, expressed in countless interviews, aired across Twitter and Facebook or found on Wikipedia?

Peter James is our new Vice President and we're absolutely delighted!

Internationally acclaimed crime writer and film producer - nobody knows more about policing in Sussex (except, perhaps, our chairman, Deputy Chief Constable Giles York) and it's unlikely that anyone from the media has worked more closely with the local police since the directors of Jigsaw in 1964.

As a great friend and supporter of the Museum, Peter has been actively involved in our fund raising activities and his popularity has helped us enormously.

Have you heard the one about the guy who invents a machine for de- wrinkling prunes and is later killed by it? Maybe not, but you might find it in an old back copy of Private Eye with a familiar by-line.

It's amazing how many people on seeing his face on display boards in the Town Hall turn to their friends and say 'I've met him', 'I've heard him speak', 'did you know he worked in children's television in Canada?' or 'have you heard about the horror films he made?'. Those of us who have been lucky enough to experience his after-dinner talks are unlikely to forget his guileless honesty and easy manner.

Peter talks freely about his early work in the film industry, writing distributing and producing low budget horror movies with eerily familiar plot lines. Typical of his early film ideas is the story of a murderer who sells hamburgers in which the main ingredient just happens to be his victims. A more notable production was 'Spanish Fly' starring Leslie Phillips and Terry Thomas which was hailed by Barry Norman as 'the least funny film ever made and the worst film since the war'.

Of course he's also made many highly successful and critically acclaimed films since those early days including Driving Miss Daisy, 1989, and The Merchant of Venice in 2005. 

Supporting the community

Peter James is also patron of Sussex Crimestoppers who have given generous support to the Museum.

Other charities he actively supports are The Backup Trust for spinal injuries, the Martlets Hospice, The Chichester Life Centre, the Book Trade Benevolent Society, Starehe Boys' Centre in Kenya and Action Medical Research.

Peter James has the respect of his fellow writers, the Sussex Police Force and his millions of readers; we could not be happier.


Anyone remember Biggles?

Why exactly did Peter James write to Enid Blyton?

Did Enid ever reply?


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