Brighton Police Vehicles c. 1928

By Jo Blake

Motor cycles were introduced in 1921 and by 1928 further vehicles had been acquired including the Chief Constables's car, a 'fast' car, and ambulances, one of which doubled as a prison van!

Photo:Brighton Police vehicles c. 1928

Brighton Police vehicles c. 1928

Chief Constable Sussex Police

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This photo was taken when the Brighton Borough Police were responsible also for the ambulance service. Each officer had to have first aid qualifications passed by a St.Johns examiner. The last examiner I remember as a Borough man was Chief Inspector Bill Cowen. The premises housing the Police cars were the old Borough Mortuary.The sports car was the traffic car used to stop speeders and the saloon car was a general purpose police vehicle used to attend incidents and transport senior officers on their duties. There is a room above which was divided into three sections;Constable's room, Sergeant's room and the Inspector's office. I remember Sgt. Fred Fennell and Inspector Bill Corey who were in charge in the 1950's. The two motor cycles are B.S.A. Slopers.

By Ernie Cummins (17/01/2009)