Sussex Police Photo Archive 1912


Hastings Police Band, 1912. The band had been formed in 1866. It was disbanded in 1890 but reformed nine years later under Bandmaster Stuteley. The band broke up for good two years after this photo was taken, on the day that war was declared.


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On October 9 1912, Parade Inspector Arthur Walls was called to a house in South Cliff Avenue, the home of Countess Flora Sztaray.

Apparently, as she was leaving by cab, she had noticed a man crouched in the shadows on the portico above her front door. The Police were called, and when Inspector Walls called to the man he was immediately shot in the head by the intruder. He died shortly afterwards.

Following a Scotland Yard investigation, John Williams was charged with the murder. He was convicted and hanged the following year. The event shocked and saddened the population, and a massive funeral procession (shown here) for the late Inspector paraded along Terminus Road. Public subscriptions raised £600 for his widow.


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