The Distraction

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By Jason Michael

About the Author: JASON MICHAEL 

The author spent twenty five years as a police officer working in such units as Vice Squad, Special Branch, Drugs Squad, Regional Crime Squad and Cheque and Credit Card Fraud Unit.

He is also an accomplished Martial Artist and National Champion, keen photographer and one of our best guides

Nikki Quintero, an agent from the Colombian National Police Special Operations Command arrives in London and informs the National Security Agency that two Colombian assassins are on their way to London to murder an English police officer in revenge for him thwarting their attempted importation of a vast quantity of cocaine into the UK some months earlier. The National Security Agency quickly identifies John Ridge as being the policeman at risk and with Ridge's help put in place a sting operation designed to lead to the arrest of the people involved in the conspiracy to murder him. Working closely with Nikki Quintero, Ridge soon becomes distracted from the operation by Nikki, who has other things on her mind. Once again, Ridge's supervisors seem unwilling to assist him and spend their time trying to get him suspended from duty. Ridge, out jogging one evening, is confronted by the giant Colombian assassin lying in wait for him at the end of the Brighton Pier. A violent confrontation takes place between the two men on the pier where there can only be one winner. The situation then gets worse when Ridge discovers that his family is at risk, when they are held hostage by Mateo Garcia. Can Ridge beat the odds stacked against him and rescue his family before Garcia exacts his revenge?

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The Distraction' page

By Tish on 30 Sept. 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

One word sums this book up........brilliant. I read it in record time. It lives up to the title The Distraction as I could not put it down! This is the third book I have read by Jason Michael all of which have been exceptionally well written. He truly is a master storyteller. Highly recommended as a throughly good read.

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