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Old police Cells Museum

25th February 2017. 7.30pm-midnight

About SSEL (Spirit Seekers Events LTD)  


Spirit Seekers Events Ltd

 Company · London, United KingdomWe want to take you lovely ghost hunters on some fantastic Paranormal Investigations in spectacular venues across the UK with our wonderful team 

With our wonderful team, we want you to be apart of our Paranormal Investigations, and experience first hand what we all find so breath-taking.

Are you ready to 'venture into the unknown?'

About SSEL (Spirit Seekers Events LTD)

SSEL started running and was registered in June 2015. Since then, their team has been Investigating various of Locations around Hampshire. SSEL has achieved some outstanding results during their investigations, such as objects moving, footsteps, unexplainable bangs etc... In 2017, SSEL will be branching out to all over the United Kingdom. They have recieved help from well known Mediums, such as Darren Higgins and Justin Pearce.

Over the past year SSEL has accepted lots more members on their facebook page (link above) and their team is growing.

SSEL are looking foward to Investigating alot more locations in the near future

Please come join the Spirit Seekers team for an evening of Investigating at The Old Police Cells in Brighton.

The event will take place on 25th February 2017. 7.30pm-midnight. Refreshments will be included. £28pp (£15 non refundable deposit)

Only limited to 15 spaces so please to secure your spaces to avoid disappointment.

To book please send myself a message or Tasha Tiffin or speak to a member of our team!


Registered Address

20-22 Wenlock Road


N1 7GU


SSEL Terms and Conditions

1)       All guests attending any event must be 16+. We may require identification.

2)       To take part in our events, (except Mediumship events), we require our guests to be in good health, If you have a medical condition that you’re unsure about, please do not hesitate to contact our Spirit Seekers Team. Anyone who has mobility issues (ie climbing or standing for long periods of time), has a nervous disposition or is pregnant, are advised not to book an event

3)       Any valuables or personal belongings are your own responsibility and Spirit Seekers events will not be liable if any items are lost or stolen.

4)       Spirit Seekers events do not accept any threatening or aggressive behaviour to any of our staff including in house location staff. This may result in the removal of the guest and can contact police if need be. No refunds will be given.

5)       Anyone that arrives to events under the influence of alcohol/drugs or suspected of having these on the premise will be removed from the event. No refunds will be given.

6)       We do not allow smoking in any venues. However if you are a smoker, Spirit Seekers events will try to find a suitable place outside the venue on designated breaks. Please do not bring candles or any other form of naked flame to a venue. This is deemed as a fire hazard.

7)       We do not allow anyone to work on their own unless they are given permission from a Spirit Seekers Team Member.

8)       There are no sleeping facilities at our location unless it’s stated.

9)       Attending an event/location, you do so at your own risk. We will not be liable for any accidents, injuries or even death caused to you. A safety brief will be given to everyone at the start of an event.

10)    We endeavour to provide a safe location. However some locations may have uneven floor, steep stairs, low beams ECT. The venues are mostly in the dark so please make sure you bring a touch and have on you all the time.

11)    Spirit Seekers do not guarantee there will be paranormal activity on the night. However we will endeavour to get the best out of the night. Please respect everyone’s opinion. We are not here to change anyone’s mind in any way.  We do not use any trickery or fakery so anything you feel or hear is down to your own interpretation.

12)    Spirit Seekers want our entire guests to stay safe in and out of our events, we recommend you organise travel arrangemenst beforehand. Spirit Seekers are not responsible for accidents or incidents arriving/departing an events. So stay safe - tiredness can kill.

13)    Every guest who books and attends our events/location will automatically agree to Spirit Seekers terms and conditions. Again, each event you be staying at your own risk. Spirit Seekers will not accept legal liability in respect of claiming cost, damages, penalties, expenses, damage from a guest in/outside a location, injuries, accidents, death to any person in our events.


Deposit/ Refunds Policy

1)       Our deposit's are non-refundable and non transferable. Please make sure you are able to attend an event before booking.

 2)       We do not give refunds. However, we will always look to helping our customers if we possibly can, so in some cases we may be able to offer a refund. This will be looked into by a Spirit Seekers Paranormal Practitoner.



1)       In order to make a booking with Spirit Seekers we will require full names of all people attending. Mediumship events we will ask for first name of each applicant.

2)       We will keep information private and secure.

3)       Your names and other information will not be shared, it’s for booking purposes only. Unless agreed by recipient

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