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The pressures of working in The Special Enquiry Unit

New Squad to fight abuse

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Worthing Gazette and Herald March 13, 1987

'I don't think you ever really get over the stressful time you have with dealing with young children who have been sexually assaulted by parents or beaten by parents.'

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The Officers

HEADING THE new police women's unit is Sergeant Sandy Shiner, 42. Sandy has served 21 years in the force, working at stations from Shoreham to Chichester.She was part of one of the original police women's department and has since gained experience in a variety of duties. Her main task will be training the four police constables and encouraging a better liaison between voluntary and established groups concerned with aspects of the unit's work.

POLICE CONSTABLE Carolyn Jones also served in one of the original women's departments. She has had 20 years experience in the force, including work in the crime squad and CID. In recent years, Carolyn, 39, has been juvenile liaison officer at Worthing, a job that will now be taken over in the new department.

Photo:THE WOMEN'S unit, from left, Kim Moss, June Francis, Sandy Shiner,  Carolyn Jones and Samantha Coates.

THE WOMEN'S unit, from left, Kim Moss, June Francis, Sandy Shiner, Carolyn Jones and Samantha Coates.

Worthing Gazette and Herald

YOUNGEST MEMBER of the team is Miss Samantha Coates. Aged 22, she has been stationed at Worthing for the two years that she has been a police constable and has been involved with general duties and patrol work. Having had a lot of experience with juvenile cases, particularly shoplifting, Samantha was seen as anideal person to join the new unit.

SEVEN YEARS stationed as a police constable at Worthing has proved invaluable training for Mrs June Francis. She has been on uniformed patrol during that time. But June, 27, has also worked with the special drugs unit and is looking forward to using her expertise in the new department.

KIM MOSS is in no doubt that her eight years as a police constable in Worthing have given her a good knowledge of the area and the people who live here. General duties have been the main task for Kim, 28, but she has gained experience in the variety of specific tasks that the new department have been chosen to perform.

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