Past Events 2014

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Rosie Hermon
The Old Police Cells Museum will be the site of a temporary exhibition of artists' film, video, sound and performance, featuring the work of Rosie Carr, The Doublethink Project, Sarah Duffy, Patrick Goddard, SPV Ltd and Alice May Williams.
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Tricorn Paranormal
Your gateway into the otherside
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Colombian Retribution
Jason Michael
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Paranormal Adventures. Future Events
Police Cells Museum - Brighton - Saturday 29th November 2014
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City Insights
Old Police Cells season launch
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TruthSearchers UK
Ghost hunt at the Old Police Cells Museum,under brighton Town Hall
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Paranormal Adventures
old Police Cells Museum - Brighton
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Supernatural Tours
Old Police Cells Museum
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Shadows In The Dark Paranormal Events
Saturday, 12 July 2014 . 21:00 until 03:00
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Old Police Cells Museum