World War 2

David Rowland has just launched his 15th and final book, "The Spirit of Winsome Winn II", all about the B-17 Flying Fortress which crashed at Patcham after being hit by anti-aircraft fire over Germany. 
David has had a passionate interest in how World War Two affected Sussex, since his dramatic childhood in Brighton during the war years, which is now partly told through 'Coastal Blitz', 'Out of the Blue', 'Spitfires over Sussex' and 'War in the City', all of which use rare photographs, newspaper stories, personal recollections and first-hand experiences to describe those incredible few years and how they effected the coastline towns including Brighton and Newhaven. 'Spitfires over Sussex' tells the amazing story of 602 squadron based at Tangmere, and how they fought to keep the skies clear of enemy aircraft during the Battle of Britain. His latest book, 'Survivors', tells the incredible stories of airmen who were shot down and lived to tell the tale.

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A people's war
Harold and Michael
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In The Line Of Fire
Brighton in World War Two
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A Crashed German Aircraft.
Official police reports written in 1943
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First Drowning
David Rowland
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Post War Brighton
David Rowland
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A Court Appearance.
David Roland
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Rottingdean Bombing
David Rowland